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Our Mission

TUEX is the leading, multi-lingual educational technology platform that connects students to qualified tutors when and where they need them. TUEX allows both students and tutors to customize their classroom and learning experience to ensure their unique needs are met.

Our Vision

Tutoring has long been considered a privilege. The costs of a tutor are too high for many Candian families resulting in inequitable access. The TUEX vision is to make quality tutoring accessible and affordable for all students around the world.

The TUEX Story

TUEX Education was founded in 2018 by Alfred Chien, a passionate advocate of equitable access to education. Alfred worked as a tutor for much of his adult life, even when he finished his studies and entered the banking world, he continued to tutor.

At one point, Alfred was tutoring 30-40 students. He says, “it became apparent to me early on, that there was a gap in the tutoring market, lower-income families could not afford tutors, and immigrant parents could not find the right tutors for their children.” Alfred realized that socio-economic barriers limited access to quality tutors for many Canadian families and decided that a solution was needed. The solution? TUEX Education.
In 2018, Alfred left his lucrative banking position to create an app-based tutor that ensures high quality, affordable tutors are available to all students. He states, ”as an individual, I could not meet the tutoring demand, so I founded a platform that could.”

That same year, to further ensure equitable access, Alfred founded the TUEX Foundation, a nonprofit that provides free tutoring to children from low-income families. A percentage of proceeds from TUEX Education goes directly to the foundation.

We are a B Corp™

Certified B Corporations™ (B Corps™) are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As of 2020, there areal most 4,000 B Corps in 150 industries and 74 countries around the world.

To learn more about B Corp™, please visit their website.

Meet the TUEX Team

Presenting the team behind the scene

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Alfred Chien - Founder & CEO

Experienced Entrepreneur in Ed-Tech sector. Founder & CEO of TUEX International Education, the only B Corp Certified EdTech in Canada. Devoted his time and wish to provide everyone with their education. Alfred is also an experienced Private Banking Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Strong community and social services professional skilled in Investment, Business Relationship Management, and Financial Services. Alfred is also a Board Member of the Canadian Liver Foundation, BC & Yukon Region.

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Tero You - Marketing Manager

Tero is the Marketing Manager and Graphic director at TUEX Education. He is a professional graphic designer with over 5 years of experience in all kinds of visual identity design and brand development. He is also the founder of Smartist Design Inc. and a songwriter.

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Suyoung Ahn - Product Manager

Suyoung recently completed her Master of Management at the University of British Columbia. As a firm believer in affordable and accessible education, Suyoung loves working in the education-technology sector and continues to work on improving the TUEX & TUEX Tutor app. When she is not working, she is snowboarding or cycling around Vancouver.

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Zhen Huang - Product & Operations Manager

Zhen is the Operations Manager at TUEX Education. Besides operations management, he also focuses on business development and product management. Zhen developed his interest in EdTech when he was studying Computer Science at UBC. Outside of work, he is an adventure seeker, an avid hiker, and always in search of great books and movies.

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Utkarsh Sikka - Business Development Specialist

Third-year international student at the University of British Columbia. Utkarsh isa certified canine behaviorist, technology nerd, extrovert are just some of his defining traits. You’ll find him enjoying his free time by biking around the city or cooking some delicious vegetarian food!

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Nabila Hussein - Senior Advisor

Nabila is the Senior Advisor at TUEX Education. Over the course of her career, the Oxford graduate has developed educational material and executed programming for the United Nations, UNICEF and the US Department of State. When she is not advocating for equitable access to education, Nabila enjoys walking, biking and spending time with family and friends.

Our company history

TUEX launched in 2018. Check out some of our milestones.


Celebrating our 1st year of launch

Within a year, by March 2021, there were over 8500 total downloads, 2000+ registered students and 1100+ registered tutors. In 2021 we also launched the second version of the app with a completely new UI and features.


Official launch

The TUEX and TUEX Tutor apps officially launched in March 2020. Within two months, we saw over 3200 total downloads, 770+ registered students and 750+ registered tutors. By May 2020 TUEX had booked 1100+ tutoring hours.


Beta launch

After many months of developing the app, the TUEX beta launch took place in May 2019. We took our users feedback seriously in developing new features and improving the user experience.


Company founded

We recognized the need for an easier way to find tutors. TUEX completed its first round of financing in early 2018.