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For Students

TUEX Tutor is a dynamic app that quickly matches students with experienced tutors online and helps arrange in-person or virtual tutoring sessions. Students have the freedom to select from various subjects and connect directly with tutors through our safety assurance system. We are proud to offer:

  • A wide range of courses suitable for students of all ages
  • A Question & Answer feature that gets your questions answered immediately with the help of active tutors
  • A safety assurance system that protects minors
  • An affordable and accessible learning experience
  • Access to verified and high-quality tutors in academic and non-academic subjects
  • A filter function, that helps you identify your ideal tutor

How to find a tutor (tutorial)

Download the TUEX App

Register for your student account by downloading the TUEX app. Filter tutors by class subject, time, teaching language, gender, and location. Start booking your tutoring sessions.

Pick a class format!

Meet your private tutor online or offline with the protection of our safety assurance system.

Confirm payment & rate your tutor after class!

All major credit cards are accepted on the App.