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For Tutors

TUEX Tutor is a dynamic app that quickly matches students with experienced tutors online and helps arrange in-person tutoring sessions. Tutors connect directly with local or international students and parents, making it easier to build your professional network. TUEX can be your free personal branding and extra income-generating platform.

  • Teach wherever, whenever
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • The lowest commission rate in North America
  • Access a large pool of students in Canada at your fingertips
  • Set your own schedule and hourly rate
  • Easy payment at any time via e-Transfer

How to become a TUEX Tutor

Download the TUEX Tutor App

Register for an account by using your phone number. Complete your profile by uploading your ID, proof of qualification, and Police Information Check. Set your schedule and list your classes.

Find a student & start teaching!

Match up with your student and start your online or offline tutoring sessions.

Get paid whenever you want!

Receive your course credit and request e-transfer payments anytime you want.


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