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Quality Education

We offer a wide range of courses designed and delivered by qualified tutors. All tutors provide proof of qualifications and are highly competent in their offerings.

Affordable Solutions

We prioritize affordability. Students can select a tutor based on a range of criteria including price. For Tutors, we offer the lowest commission rate in North America.


TUEX provides a multilingual platform to accommodate students, parents, and tutors. We offer flexible scheduling options; tutors set their availability and students select the time slot that suits both.

Safety as a Priority

To ensure safety of our students, all tutors must submit a criminal record and vulnerable sector check. The TUEX app offers GPS tracking with a built-in “panic button” in case of emergency.

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TUEX App for Students

Customize your learning experience and choose the perfect tutor that fits your budget and schedule, all in one app. We offer a wide range of subjects for K - 12, university-aged students, and those continuing education. You can choose a 1:1 or opt for a group class. You can also select between an online session via the TUEX video conferencing portal or an in person session.

Our app is available in 3 languages - English, Mandarin and Korean.


TUEX Tutor App for Tutors

Our tutors offer support in a variety of subjects, ranging from high school math to intermediary piano. As a tutor, you have the freedom to design your offerings. As well, tutors work when they like on a variable commission rate. Commission starts from 27% and drops down to 11% depending on teaching hours. TUEX offers the lowest commission rate in North America.

Tutors can enjoy flexible scheduling and a range of tutoring options (including online, in person, group or 1:1). TUEX provides you the access to a large pool of students in Canada at your fingertips.

Teach wherever, whenever!


What our users say about us

“As a teacher I need the convenience of scheduling, TUEX is great with that! I can be on time for students and if a problem arises, I can communicate with my students and update the schedule to fit both our needs.”

TUEX Math Tutor

“I found the platform to be very user friendly. I can easily change my availability whenever I want, which is a great advantage since my weekly schedule changes all the time. I also like how it keeps track of how many hours I’ve taught, so I can keep track of my earnings and how many more hours I need to reach the next level. This app also makes it easy to communicate with clients, as it works just like any other messaging app, with the ability to add photos and links.”

TUEX English Tutor

“I find the TUEX platform good and informative. It shows the courses that I offer and how many students have booked me for a specific course. It gives me notification each time a student books a session with me or if there are some important announcements on new students. I like the pay structure of TUEX. I like there is an option for an online course. I can even answer assignment questions or general questions that each student has.”

TUEX Science Tutor

“I love the way the app works. It is easy to check tutor session times as well as send and receive messages. This has made my academic year easier.”

TUEX Student

“Patient, knowledgeable, and Efficient. If you need help with any assignments at all. The tutor I found on TUEX is very resourceful.”

TUEX Student

“Great way for students to get tutoring. They also have wonderful tech support. The best I have ever worked with.”

TUEX Student

“Very valuable for students and tutors alike. Total game changer for academia and even professional coaching and consulting.”

TUEX Student

“TUEX is an expert in tutoring, as it knows it's teachers and can match your kid's needs and the teacher's advantage perfectly.”

TUEX Parent