4 Tips for Online Tutoring


COVID-19 has caused many areas of work to be shifted online to abide by social distancing precautions. Some have found the shift to digital quite simple and in fact an easy transition, whereas others find it much more difficult to adjust. Specifically speaking, tutors have struggled quite a bit through online tutoring due to the lack of students they receive and the effectiveness of their teaching. If you are planning on tutoring online successfully this summer take consider these four tips to get you on the right track:

Consider taking an online course yourself

Successful tutors have developed their skills over the years of learning the content themselves and perhaps having to teach the concept to their friends back in their day. However, with online tutoring, it is much harder to convey the same information especially with such a large barrier. It is beneficial for tutors to take upon an online course themselves, perhaps something related to a field they are planning on teaching so they can get a sense of how the course is taught effectively. There is not necessarily a need to completely finish an online course but enrolling for one to understand how information is conveyed can help you learn how to teach your students effectively whether they have no understanding of the concepts or who can grasp concepts easily but needs to be taught properly. 

Be personable, interactive and available

It is essential as a tutor to maintain a healthy relationship with your students especially through an online platform. It is hard to keep students engaged and attentive when learning through a digital interface so make sure you try to implement interactive lessons as much as you can to keep your students focused. It is also important that you try to keep your schedule flexible to cater towards your students. Due to the accessibility of teaching online, parents look for tutors who can work around their schedule. 

Make lessons adaptable 

With online learning, many students learn at their own pace. Some may understand concepts quicker than others so make sure you are mindful of the pace at which your student is learning and adapt your lesson plans accordingly. Instead of sticking to a weekly lesson plan, help create weekly checkpoints with your student to motivate them to work towards learning concepts by the end of the week rather than trying to catch up with your lesson plans. As a tutor it is important to push your student’s learning capability from behind rather than teaching at a faster pace and expecting them to keep up. 

Join a tutoring platform

As an online tutor the biggest challenge is definitely acquiring students. Marketing yourself alongside the competition online is challenging and it is hard to show your credibility online. This is where you should consider joining a tutoring platform to increase engagement. TUEX is a tutoring platform with over 3000 students, through the app tutors can create their own profile and market themselves while showing the credibility of being a TUEX certified tutor. This can make yourself appear more trustworthy to parents and can definitely help you reach more students.