Online Tutoring - How do I get started?


COVID-19 has led to a tremendous increase in the usage of digital platforms for school and work purposes. Additionally, the pandemic has led to more work from home policies, and has moved some companies entirely online. In fact, some individuals prefer   remote jobs and are likely to continue working virtually even post pandemic. 

A remote job that saw a meteoric rise during the pandemic, was online tutoring. The convenience of virtual education has proved to be an attractive option for tutors and students. If you like working from home, tutoring might be the ideal role for you!

What additional skills do tutors need? 

When teaching online, you must be comfortable using a variety of digital resources.  To start online tutoring, you need to get accustomed to a video conferencing platform, whether you choose to teach through Zoom or other third party conferencing platforms, it is beneficial to practice understanding how to use the tools integrated on these platforms. Not only must you be familiar with the teaching platform, but you need to be equipped with tools such as powerpoint presentations, interactive polls, games and whiteboards.

What are the benefits to online tutoring?

Online tutoring is the next generation of education. With the amount of freedom online teaching provides, including being able to create lesson plans in video format ahead of time for students to watch according to their schedule, makes teaching more flexible. As an online tutor, you can set your own hours and instead of travelling to and from an office, you can work from  the comfort of your own home. 

How do I create a client base?

Many tutors find acquiring students to be the toughest challenge with online tutoring. Limited by word of mouth and social media,  tutors find themselves having a tough time securing regular students. Marketing yourself as a tutor can be challenging but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

To market yourself effectively, try joining  Facebook groups on private tutoring within your region. Once you have joined these groups, try commenting on all posts requesting tutors for your subject of expertise. Try commenting with graphics to set yourself apart from the competition! Make sure your graphic has your credentials and your experience with tutoring. 

Offer a limited time deal to potential students. Discounts may encourage students to take their first class, from  there you can work on getting repeat customers. 

But the most effective way to get more students is to join a tutoring company. A great platform to join is TUEX, a tutoring platform with the lowest commission rates in all of North America. With over 3000 students on the platform, and the credibility that TUEX offers, acquiring more students will be much easier. In addition, you can offer the coupon code TUEX40KM to your students to get their first class free. TUEX is a ready made business for you to leverage. Join today!

Getting your online tutoring business started will be challenging and will require hard work, however if you stay committed and continue to market yourself with TUEX’s credibility, you will be making an impressive income in no time.