Tips to Succeed with Online Learning


Online learning can be challenging. But, if you develop the right skills needed for effective virtual learning, online courses will soon become a fun alternative to the traditional classroom education. Refer to these tips below to ensure that you are getting the most value from your next class:

  1. Time Management

When time management is mentioned, people often think it is much easier to say than execute. However, time management can be easy if you keep yourself in check, create a schedule and prioritize your workload. It is essential in online learning to stick by the goals you set, whether you decide to finish three chapters of work within a day or if you need to get an assignment partially complete.. Due to the amount of time you spend facing a screen you may experience fatigue, and feel the urge to postpone tasks.. This is where creating a schedule becomes important. Make sure you account for time in the day to take short breaks away from the screen - stretch breaks, meal breaks and even social breaks. Time management is about scheduling all aspects of your day, not just your workload. When you find that you have a lot to get done that day, you should consider prioritizing your workload. Some people opt to complete the simple tasks first to get into the groove of working, then shift towards the harder tasks, and finally finishing up the day with fun, simple tasks. 

  1. Accountability

Students typically find personal accountability their biggest downfall  when it comes to online learning. It is easy to get away with not doing work when you are not surrounded by peers encouraging you,  or a teacher keeping you in check. With online learning it is important to hold yourself accountable for your actions.. To help yourself with accountability, start off the day by reading out loud all the items you need to complete  for the day, and how you plan to complete them. Positive self talk can assist with accountability.  Also try setting reminders throughout the day with phrases to keep you accountable, try motivational quotes, or voice notes from friends.  Another approach is to reward yourself for progress made. For example, for every hour of focused work completed you may reward yourself with a youtube video.

  1. Learning consistency

Generally, the most successful people in school are those who stick to a consistent study schedule and abide by it on a daily basis. Try to set your study hours to be quite similar on a daily basis to train your brain to become accustomed to learning and staying focused during that time. This includes scheduling wake up times, breaks and bedtimes on a daily basis. Integrating consistency into your study schedule will also help you manage your time more effectively and you will find it easier to hold yourself accountable. 

  1. Limit your distractions

Needless to say, distractions need to be taken into consideration when doing any work. Whether you find yourself going on your phone several times during the day, or even watching videos on your computer in the midst of studying, you need to find a way to manage your distractions. This includes choosing to put your phone in another room or using focusing apps available on the app store. If you are having a tough time limiting distractions on the device you are using to learn, then there are several online tools including StayFocusd (extension on Chrome) which allows you to block sites for periods of time.

  1. Use online learning to your advantage

Online learning is often looked at negatively however there are many benefits to learning online. Whether you are in a live session or pre-recorded session, during lessons it makes it much easier for students to search up words or concepts they may have a tough time keeping up with during class. In addition, people can use split screens and learn in a more effective manner. To use online learning to your advantage, you need to identify how to stay focused and driven during lessons while taking advantage of online learning tools and you will be setting yourself up for success.  

  1. Consider getting an online tutor

Despite the application of these tips and techniques, online learning can still be difficult for students. This is when it might be useful to look for an online tutor that can help you succeed in the class. TUEX is an online learning platform that offers affordable tutoring services for any subject. With over 1300 tutors on the app and 3000 students, there is a tutor for any student. You can use the code TUEX40KM to get your first class free on TUEX! Download the TUEX app on the App Store or Google Play store today.

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